Raising happy kids is not an easy job to do. It’s alright if your kids get upset with you at times. It is absolutely normal. Just try to be a good parent and everything will fall into a right place. When we ask parents, what they want for their pals, they usually reply that they want them to be happy. Happiness always tops the list of things you want to cultivate in your children. So, let us go through various do’s and don’ts of raising a happy child:

  • Give Them Attention: Do not leave space for your child to cry for you. Kids cry only when they want to attract the attention of the parents. If you give it before they ask, there would not be any reason for them to be sad. Even if they are grown-ups, listen to them and show concern.
  • Show That You Love Them: All parents love their children but most of them show it very rarely. It is very important for parents to show their love and affection. Hugging children everyday and saying “I love you” or just kissing can make their day.
  • Let Your Child Take the Lead: Spend time with your kid every day which means putting away all distractions and simply sitting with your child and talk to him face to face. Let your child do what he wants to do, not what you want your child to do.
  • Don’t Protect Kids from Failure: It may be one of the hardest tasks as a parent, but let your kid make her own mistakes and learn from them. Help your pal to accept life’s realities, such as conflict, struggle, and consequences.
  • Don’t Compare: If you have multiple children, avoid comparing them with each other. Every child is an individual, so focus on individual strengths.
  • Don’t Hide the Negative: Positive stories are good, but negative ones are just not effective. Tell stories about your family and it doesn’t have to be formal. Tell both positive and negative aspects of these stories. Try engaging with your children at dinner or during family gatherings.Happiness of kids should be the priority for parents. But keeping kids happy does not mean to buy them everything that they want. So, think before doing anything especially when you a parent.

A word from SuperActive Kids:

Parents need to work from the beginning if they want to raise a happy child. It is a parent’s responsibility as to what they are going to expose the child to. It is rightly said that if a family is happy, the child is happy.

Happy Parenting!!

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