Fun Activites For Kids

As a parent it should be your priority to make sure that your kids are happy and are constantly engaged in fun activities, especially during this pandemic, considering that they do not get to go out that much and schools are going with online classes.

Just like humans, kids need to be engaged in fun activities. It can help them keep their mental health strong, it can help them stay active, and it can help them keep themselves motivated despite such horrible times.

To help our parents in keeping their kids happy and active, we are going to list down some fun activities for kids that parents can carry out in their house during this coronavirus pandemic.

5 fun activities for little kids during lockdown

  1. Play hide and seek

 One of the best creative activities for kids at home is if they get to play hide and seek. The amount of things that they have to do in order to hide properly when they are playing this game is too much. The more creative they are, the more likely they are to win this game. Also, it promotes having fun. If you have a huge house, this is really good for you and your little ones. It also promotes family bonding time.

Fun Activites For Kids

  1. Art

 Twice or thrice a week, you want to promote artwork. Allow your kids to draw or paint whatever they want. Kids love it when they play with colors, and with you allowing them to do whatever they want with colors, they can become really great artists. The more supportive you are as a parent, the more likely they are to be really creative and hardworking.

  1. Movie nights

 If your kids have classes loaded from Mondays to Fridays, you want to have movie nights on the weekends. Choose a movie that they really like and watch it together. Get the popcorns and drinks ready. Kids love it when they watch a movie that they like with their parents. It also promotes family bonding.

  1. Cook food

 If your kids are 7 to 15 years old, you want to teach them how they can cook food. There is a step-by-step process for this. First let them wash the food, then slowly teach them how they can cut the food, then teach them how different herbs and spices work. After learning the basics, allow them to cook the food. You can also help them learn how they can make snacks with the things that you have in your house. This promotes them becoming more independent.

  1. Board games

 Another fun activity that you can introduce to your kid are board games. Board games such as snakes and ladders, chess, scrabbles, and guess who are really amazing. Playing them promotes brain activity and some kids really find them fun because of the thrill that they bring. Try the easy ones first, if they are into them, slowly introduce the more hard ones.

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