There is no doubt that parenting is a team effort. Both parents play a crucial and different role in parenting. Fathers play a very important role in the cognitive, social, and emotional development of their children. An involved father is one who is engaged, available, and responsible. He should be sensitive and supportive, nurturing and affectionate, and comforting and accepting.
Loving fathers, who provide reasonable, firm guidance, without arbitrarily imposing their will, help to promote competence in children.

Parenting Tips for Fathers:

  • Spend quality time with your child: How a father spends his time shows how important is a child to him. Kids grow up quickly so fathers should quality time with their kids. Spending more time with your kids will make them feel special.
  • Try to be your pal’s role model: Whether they realize it or not, fathers are role models to their kids. A girl who spends time with a loving father grows up knowing she deserves to be treated with respect by boys. Fathers teach boys and girls what is important in life and how to tackle the problems.
  • Be your child’s teacher: To be a good father, you should teach your children about right and wrong and also encourage them to do their best in each and every situation. See that your children make good choices.
  • Eat together as a family: An important part of a healthy family life is bonding. Sitting and eating together on a dining table creates an everlasting bond. In this way, kids share their plans about what they want to do and sharing means a lot in a family. It is also a good time for fathers to listen and be involved. It provides a structure for families to be together each day.Also, most importantly, parents who respect each other and demonstrate mutual respect to their children, provide a secure environment for them. When children see parents respecting each other, they are more likely to feel that they are also accepted and respected within the father-child relationship.

A word from SuperActive Kids:
No doubt, becoming a father is a life-changing event. It’s not easy to be a perfect father and believe it nobody is. Flaws are part of everyone’s life. Always try to give your best and soon you will win this father-child game.

Happy Parenting!!

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