Covid-19 vaccines that are developed by Pfizer and Moderna have appeared to be safe and effective in pregnant women.

An early analytic data that was recently shared in the New England Journal Medicine suggested that the 2 vaccines are capable of delivering protection to recipients.

The vaccines, which are using RNA technology or mRNA, are not posing any risk to pregnant women and have been found effective in protecting them.

The data that was shared in the journal did not include the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccines.

Those 2 vaccines are not mRNA vaccine.

The analytics that were shared in the journal suggested that vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna were safe and effective in breastfeeding women.

In the journal, it was mentioned that data was analysed from 35,600 pregnant people, who reported their health status to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention between December of last year and February of this year.

The participants of the study were in the age group of 16 to 54 years old.

Another 3,958 pregnant volunteers who had received an mRNA vaccine were also involved in the study. They found that 827 completed pregnancies, with 115, which is equivalent to 13.9 percent, resulted in pregnancy loss and 712, which is 86.1 percent, resulted in live birth.

Preterm births occurred in 9.4 percent of volunteers and only 3.2 percent of those births were small gestational age.

There were no neonatal deaths reported in the study.

According to the analysis, there were 221 pregnancy related adverse events that got reported to the CDC.

46 miscarriages were also reported to the CDC.

Researchers concluded in the study that adverse outcomes such as preterm births and loss of the pregnancy, were not significantly higher in pregnant people who had received an vaccine.

The authors of the study said:

Although not directly comparable, the proportions of adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes … among participants with completed pregnancies from the v-safe pregnancy registry appear to be similar to the published incidences in pregnant populations studied before the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The side effects of pregnant women are same to those that are not pregnant.

Anyone that gets the vaccine can experience pain in the injection site, fatigue, body aches, headache, and even fever.

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