Parenting is a team effort. Both the parents play an important and different role in parenting. Fathers play a very crucial role in the cognitive, social, and emotional development of their children. An involved father is one who is engaged, available, and responsible. He should be sensitive and supportive, nurturing and affectionate, and comforting and accepting.

Read on to understand the different roles a father needs to play to effectively raise a child throughout his growth:

  • Father as a playmate: Fathers are always excellent play mates, especially for physical games. As a father, you should never be too busy for playing with your child. No doubt, dads are very much playful and kids like such fathers. Try to spend time with your kids, no matter how busy you are.
  • Father as a protector: Fathers are more strongly built than women, making the child feel secure. As a father, it is also important to draw a line and help your child learn to protect themselves. Teach them how to deal with falls and fights among their friends. Teach them what is safe and what is dangerous for them.
  • Father as a companion: All special occasions like birthdays are made extra-special if the father can be a part of it. This is because a child shares a different emotional bond with their dads. Fathers are the best companions to their kids, no matter how old the kid is.
  • Father as a role model: A daughter looks up to her dad as the first perfect man in her life. She expects other men to treat her with the same respect as her dad does. She also looks for the same characteristics in a husband. A son grows up to become his father’s replica. If he sees his father respecting his mother and sisters – he will grow up to respect women. If he sees his father being kind – he will grow up to become a kind and genuine person. He will replicate from his father priorities in life, humility and honesty. As a father, whether you realize it or not, you are setting an example every day. You are their role model. Be a good one.
  • Father as a provider: Generically speaking, a man is a provider for his family when he gets married. Father is the one who is the provider of all the basic needs to his child. So, this may be considered as the major role of a father.

A word from SuperActive Kids:
Anyone can be a father, but being a perfect dad takes a lifetime. Fathers play a role in every child’s life that cannot be filled by others. This role can have a large impact on a child and help shape him or her into the person they become. So, always try to be good to your child.

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