Most of the parents think that strict parenting is the best way to discipline children. It is believed that strict parenting is better for their children because they will have better behaved as a result of it. But if you are a strict parent, your children will see you as their bosses instead of friends. So is being a strict parent good or bad choice? What do you think?? Let’s discuss this:

  • Actually, strict parenting results in kids with lower esteem and they develop behavioural problems. In spite have been harsh may temporarily control behaver, however, they don’t help children learn self-regulate, instead harsh limits trigger resistance for taking responsibility for themselves.

Always remember that no one likes being controlled.

  • Also, strict parenting means obsession and sometimes it can give an opposite effect, your children will do anything to finally get free. And this is 100% true. It is found that children with strict parents are more likely to disobey their parents. This is very highly observed among teenagers. Children also need their own will and you must let them make their own decisions otherwise they will just disobey you.
  • It is also seen that children who have been raised strictly by their parents usually are more disciplined and they perform better in school. They know what their duties are and they do everything they should do.

So, what kind of parent are you?

  • Be strict where you should be, but never follow strict parenting each and every day. Try to be friends with your kids. Because, it is hard to be a friend and a mentor at the same time, but it is the golden path that will lead to good results in your family and child’s life. The key to success is actually talking. Explain all your actions and your children will understand everything.
  • It is also observed that children who are raised by strict parents are more respectful and intelligent. Being a strict parent does not always mean you are a child abuser. It means you care enough for your children to lead them in the right direction by enforcing certain rules to be followed.
  • Strict parenting deprives kids of the opportunity to internalize self-discipline and responsibility. Harsh limits may temporarily control behavior, but they don’t help a child learn to self-regulate.

A word from SuperActive Kids:
To conclude, it can be said that being strict can damage your relationship with your pals. Parenting becomes much harder because your kids become less interested in pleasing you, it also becomes harder to manage them. This will result in fighting lots with your child.

Happy Parenting!!

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