Coronavirus Outbreak

Parents all over the world are making sure their kids are safe and aware of what’s going on around the world right now. As fellow parents, it is our duty to advice our kids and tells them about the impacts of coronavirus all over the world.

Experts all over the world are being requested to reassure that their children should know the facts about the outbreak.

Also, mothers and fathers are being asked to not subject their kids in making sudden changes in their schedules.

Shelby Kroona, who works with the US Public Health Department, said, “Keep your children’s activities really consistent and normal.”

She added, “Don’t let the anxiety interrupt what you would normally do with your children and allow them to express their feelings.”

Young children do not really know what viruses are and how they can affect their lives, so Kroona says it is advised that we should talk to them in a very polite way.

Kroona explained, “Ask them if they’ve heard about this.”

She added, “They might be hearing it at school because they may be being told to wash their hands more frequently or wipe their desks off at school and they may not understand why we are doing this now.”

Experts are advising parents to limit playing national news broadcasts in front of their kids so they don’t get scared.

The expert said, “Maybe turning off the 4, 5 and 6 o’clock news and then catching up at 10 when the children are in bed just so they’re not constantly bombarded.”

She added, “It is on every news channel as the lead story anymore.”

Not only that, parents should tell their kids to avoid making contact with children that have flu-like symptoms and advise other parents to consult doctors if their kids show any type of symptoms of the flu-like virus.

Telling your kids about washing their hands after eating or greeting someone is also important. It is also necessary to tell them about wearing masks all the time, especially in areas where a lot of people are gathered, this includes places such as gyms, libraries, and more.

Your goal should be making your kids well informed about the illness and not to scare them. That’s the last thing you want to make your kids, and scaring them will just make things worse.

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